Order an A3DYXZ 3D Printer

A3DXYZ – Payment Terms

In payment terms, you are agree to follow terms,

Payment Schedule

  1. When you confirm the machine order, You will pay 1500/- booking advance to confirm your booking.
  2. Once the booking and payment are confirmed, an A3DXYZ will start build up 3d printer machine.
  3. An A3DXYZ executive will reach out to you to take remaining transaction(₹33,500/-) forward as instructions follows. Once transaction successfully, next day the machine will be dispatched it.
  4. Ordering early will ensure you are able to claim them to the best.

Cancellation of Order

  1. You are free to cancel to order anytime from the date of placing the order until the day you make full remaining payment(₹33,500/-)
  2. Canceling the order before making the payment for full remaining payment will make you eligible for a full refund of your payment minus a minimum GST tax deduction.
  3. Once the full remaining payment is done, cancellation of order will incur a penalty of 10% of the total payment, which will be deducted when we refund the amount upon cancellations.

Modifying in order after placing the order

  1. You can modify the order expect the full remaining payment without any penalty.
  2. Any modification in order after the payment of full remaining payment is subject to approval of A3DXYZ. You may need to contact support team or mail us – [email protected]

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