Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

For 3D Printing Services and Products

This document sets forth the warranty policy of the A3DXYZ organization (‘A3DXYZ’) from which you (‘Purchaser’) purchase the products or take services.

This policy is applicable only to A3DXYZ (‘Products’) described in the Warranty Certificate extended to the Purchaser along with the correlated invoice or the Certificate in the website page for the product being questioned.

This warranty policy is subject to the provisions as set forth herein and is subject to the terms and conditions as attached to this document (‘Warranty Terms and Conditions’).

This warranty policy only applies if referred to in a sales agreement between A3DXYZ and the Purchaser and it will replace the standard warranty clause provided in the A3DXYZ general terms and conditions of sale.


This document shall be applicable for a period of not less than 30 days from the date of purchase. The period may be extended up to 12 months considering certain coverage restrictions; Refer to the table under “General” to know more about the coverage. The purchaser must send the proof of purchase to this entity inorder to avail this service of this warranty and the respective serial number.


This document pre-empts any statutory warranty that may affect this document in any manner as per the domestic laws of this country.

Within the warranty period, A3DXYZ will replace any defective bulb or fixture with equal working model in the same conditions or better.

A3DXYZ warrants the Product to be liberated from any defects in workmanship and materials at the hour of offer. Assuming the Product fizzles during typical and legitimate use within the Warranty Period, A3DXYZ will fix just the damaged pieces of the Product with new or reconditioned parts or items that are practically same or better than those initially provided. A3DXYZ is not liable for supplanting the actual Product in case of complete Product disappointment.

Kindly keep the first Purchase Invoice/Receipt, the item and delivery boxes, and these Warranty Terms for future help demands.

All parts that the A3DXYZ fixes or replaces will be justified for the remaining duration of the first parts at A3DXYZ’s discretion. Assuming that the Product is fixed, all client created information might be for all time erased.

On the off chance that the Product is under Warranty, you consent to move the responsibility for parts shipped off to A3DXYZ for substitution, and said parts will consequently turn into the property of A3DXYZ.

General Warranty Limitations


  • Items bought from A3DXYZ or A3DXYZ accomplices/related affiliates.
  • Items bought from inside INDIA.
  • A3DXYZ -brand 3D printers and Accessories.
  • Items covered inside the Warranty Period with negligible or no charge.
  • Service, Repairs, and part replacement.
  • New product at season of procurement.
  • Technical equipment issues.


  • Items bought from any non-Authorized Reseller,
  • Items bought from beyond the INDIA.
  • Other 3D printer brands.
  • Items considered Out of Warranty (OOW), yet functional at full parts and administrations retail esteem.
  • Full item replacement.
  • Used/restored items, aside from extraordinary thought dependent upon the situation.
  • Individual, business, or monetary harms from Breach of Warranty, barring passing, individual injury, legal responsibility, and conditions beyond Indian purview.
  • Item Condition Limitations
  • This Warranty just covers ordinary use states of the item. This Warranty doesn’t cover:
  • End user- induced conditions are discernable from normal use.
  • Harm brought about by mishaps, immersing in water, acts of nature or negligence.
  • Item that has been tampered with, or fixed, and additionally adjusted by non-approved work force.
  • Modified, eliminated, or dropped item chronic number.
  • Broken or modified Warranty Seals.
  • Old equipment.
  • Harm that doesn’t obstruct activity and capacities, for example rust, variety or surface changes, mileage, progressive disintegration, and so forth.
  • Harm from:
  • Improper establishment/association or breakdown of peripheral devices, for example power supply, extruder/platform cables, SD Card, and so on.
  • External electrical shortcoming or any mishap.
  • Operations beyond unique item plan, infringement of capacity boundaries, and openness to unacceptable conditions.
  • Use of non-suggested materials.
  • Inoperability or harm:
  • from tainting with risky substances, sicknesses, vermin, or radiation.
  • to item electronic point of interaction framework.
  • of consumable equipment, for example spouts, fans, and so forth.
  • Extortion, burglary, unexplained vanishings, or persistent demonstrations.

Part Repair and Replacement Limitations

Most pieces of the Product which can be fixed or supplanted under this Warranty are covered either temporarily or not in any manner covered and will not be fixed or supplanted under guarantee.

These parts and issues are covered under the Warranty for just a short time after the Purchase Date:

  • Hotend/Nozzle
  • Thermocoupler
  • Heater Bed
  • Thermocoupler and Heater Bed
  • Fan Cooler
  • PTFE Tube
  • Printbed Glass
  • Auto Leveling Sensor
  • 3D-printed parts
  • Shipping Courier issues
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control issues with parts

These parts are covered under the Warranty for just a short time after the Purchase Date:

  • Extruder Cable
  • Extruder PCB
  • X/Y-and Z-Axis Motors
  • GT2 Belt (X/Y, long and short)
  • Z Coupler
  • Platform Distance Screws
  • On/Off Switch
  • XYZ Switch Limit Endstops
  • LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Mother Board and Supportive gadgets

These parts are NOT covered under the Warranty for any span of time:

  • Heater Bed Plate
  • Punctured Boards
  • Cable Holders
  • Power Supply
  • SD Card
  • Sheet Metal Printer Frame


  • Customer shall contact any individual completely accessible to Company Staff for motivations behind helping Company with any phone or on location Maintenance Services to be given hereunder
  • Use Product according to the SOP given by Technical Support Team at an at once of Product.
  • In the wake of utilizing your Product, don’t leave the Product connected with with power. A few electrical things are not intended to be left connected with the power supply for broadened timeframes.
  • Intermittently back up your information put away on the Product (for example SD memory card).
  • Keep the first bundling in the event that the Product should be returned for fix. The first bundling gives better insurance to the Product during transportation.

Process for Submitting a Warranty Claim

Prior to reaching A3DXYZ for technical support, guarantee that you have the Product before you and that it is turned on, if doable. If it’s not too much trouble, additionally be prepared to give the Product’s model name, and confirmation of procurement. The technical support email & hotline telephone number can be found at the official website of a3dxyz.com /+91 7498383397 / [email protected]

You might be mentioned by Technical Support Team of A3DXYZ to play out a portion of the Product’s investigating errands or activities, which might incorporate the accompanying:
-Reseating the cable connectors;
-Performing other sensible exercises mentioned by A3DXYZ which will help with recognizing or settling the issues.


  • Get in touch with our Customer Support Team for Any Problem being used of A3DXYZ series of 3D Printer through Call or email referenced previously.
  • Primary action will be taken by Telephonic or Online Resolution of Problem with prompt coordination with your assigned operator of 3D Printer Machine,
  • In any event if there is a case to send an extra part for substitution or replacement, a3dxyz.com will send a part through courier to the client location, assigned operator need to do a substitution of extra according to the rules of Customer Support Team, here we will make a point to send a part which can be supplant by Client/Dedicated Operator of the 3D Printer Machine. Our Customer Support Team will likewise investigate and take necessary actions.
  • In the event that by following above Steps, Problem not settled, a3dxyz.com will allocate a Technical Engineer from closest channel Partner area Or from Head Office of a3dxyz.com
  • Assuming client denied to follow Telephonic or Online or Part trade arrangement and demand for guaranteed Onsite Service, this activity will be chargeable, A3dxyz.com will Provide Basic Estimation for sure fire Onsite Service of A3DXYZ Series of 3D Printer. On acknowledgment of Estimation by Party/Client, A3dxyz.com will organize technical designer for Onsite Repair/Service of 3D Printer.
  • On the off chance that the issue isn’t settled from distance/technical deals engineer with Onsite Visit, you should return the Product or its measured parts to the a3dxyz.com Repair Centre (this service is called Returned Merchant Authorization, or “RMA”). Assuming a RMA is important, you need to convey the products to the a3dxyz.com Repair Centre. a3dxyz.com may caution and improve on the help strategy by offering you a preapproved transporting administration to transport the Product/parts to the Repair Centre.


  • Portray the issue plainly and totally on the RMA demand form available from A3dxyz.com Customer Service.
  • Attach a duplicate of a finished Warranty Information Form (included with the Warranty Terms) and a duplicate of your Purchase Invoice/Receipt. Assuming you can’t give the mentioned records to Warranty approval, a3dxyz.com will actually want to recover your Product Serial number from your account.
  • Guarantee that you have completely backed-up all information stored on your Product and deleted the data including personal details, confidential, or proprietary information before any service is requested. You concur that a3dxyz.com might erase any information, programming, or projects introduced on the Product without restoring such. a3dxyz.com will not be expected to take responsibility for the long-lasting misfortune, harm, or abuse of your information.
  • Pack the Product/parts in protected and stable bundling, ideally the original bundling. Any bundling ought to meet the accompanying prerequisites:
    • Use an unbending box with the strong bandage;
    • Remove any names, risky material indicators, and other past shipment markings on the container that are as of now not relevant;
    • Wrap all things independently;
    • Use sufficient padding material;
    • Use solid tape intended for transportation;
    • Do not utilize string or paper over-wrap;
    • Use a solitary location mark that has clear and complete conveyance information;
    • Place a copy address name inside the bundle.
  • Kindly don’t send any additional materials except the Product or parts themselves only if explicitly mentioned by a3dxyz.com. If it’s not too much trouble, eliminate any accessories (for example power cables, filament spool holder, and related) as well as any removable storage gadgets, for example, memory cards, plates, or glimmer drives from the Product except if explicitly mentioned by a3dxyz.com. a3dxyz.com is not at risk for the misfortune, harm, or annihilation of accessories or removable storage gadgets except if it is caused by of wilful or gross negligence by a3dxyz.com.


The customers who claim warranty shall submit a repair request form to our customer support team.

  • The Customer must convey the issue to the technical team via telephonic/electronic mail means.
  • The Customer must provide all the details related to the defect.
  • The Relief the Customer seeks.
  • The Customer shall courier or send all the alleged parts to the mandated address and authority upon the acceptance of the Repair Request Form.
  • The Customer can avail Customer Support for effectively submitting the Repair Request Form.


If the purchaser faces any inconvenience, or incase of any dispute, the purchaser shall comply the Grievance Redressal Clause set forth in the Terms and Conditions Agreement.


A Service Charge List with a proposal for to fix will be given to you, which you might acknowledge or dismiss. Assuming that you acknowledge the maintenance, we will furnish you with a receipt for the maintenance work, spare parts, and different costs expressed in the Service Charge List. The receipt should be paid by the instalment date contained in the report. Instalment should be made after A3DXYZ has conveyed to you an assistance quote gauge and has fixed your Product.

To the degree allowed by regulation, A3DXYZ might charge you an diagnostic fee (counting transportation costs, if any) assuming that your service request is OOW and you reject the maintenance offer or on the other hand in the event that your Product doesn’t need service request.


After your Product/parts have been fixed, or on the other hand on the off chance that you don’t consent to the maintenance offer, A3DXYZ will return your item/parts by means of the concurred RMA technique. On the off chance that you don’t get your Product/parts, or on the other hand in the event that conveyance is preposterous at the location given by you, A3DXYZ will send you a notification at the location you gave them while mentioning the help. Assuming you actually neglect to get the Product/parts inside a time of 90 days from sending the notification, A3DXYZ maintains all authority to guarantee harms from you, including the expense of capacity, removal as per the relevant regulations and guidelines, and any legal right of lien for neglected charges

 Warranty is provided by:

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Address: 155 WEST , Gajanan Housing Society, Karad 415110, Maharashtra, India
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